Source code for mmseg.evaluation.metrics.citys_metric

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os.path as osp
import shutil
from collections import OrderedDict
from typing import Dict, Optional, Sequence


    import cityscapesscripts.evaluation.evalPixelLevelSemanticLabeling as CSEval  # noqa
    import cityscapesscripts.helpers.labels as CSLabels
except ImportError:
    CSLabels = None
    CSEval = None

import numpy as np
from mmengine.dist import is_main_process, master_only
from mmengine.evaluator import BaseMetric
from mmengine.logging import MMLogger, print_log
from mmengine.utils import mkdir_or_exist
from PIL import Image

from mmseg.registry import METRICS

[docs]@METRICS.register_module() class CityscapesMetric(BaseMetric): """Cityscapes evaluation metric. Args: output_dir (str): The directory for output prediction ignore_index (int): Index that will be ignored in evaluation. Default: 255. format_only (bool): Only format result for results commit without perform evaluation. It is useful when you want to format the result to a specific format and submit it to the test server. Defaults to False. keep_results (bool): Whether to keep the results. When ``format_only`` is True, ``keep_results`` must be True. Defaults to False. collect_device (str): Device name used for collecting results from different ranks during distributed training. Must be 'cpu' or 'gpu'. Defaults to 'cpu'. prefix (str, optional): The prefix that will be added in the metric names to disambiguate homonymous metrics of different evaluators. If prefix is not provided in the argument, self.default_prefix will be used instead. Defaults to None. """ def __init__(self, output_dir: str, ignore_index: int = 255, format_only: bool = False, keep_results: bool = False, collect_device: str = 'cpu', prefix: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs) -> None: super().__init__(collect_device=collect_device, prefix=prefix) if CSEval is None: raise ImportError('Please run "pip install cityscapesscripts" to ' 'install cityscapesscripts first.') self.output_dir = output_dir self.ignore_index = ignore_index self.format_only = format_only if format_only: assert keep_results, ( 'When format_only is True, the results must be keep, please ' f'set keep_results as True, but got {keep_results}') self.keep_results = keep_results self.prefix = prefix if is_main_process(): mkdir_or_exist(self.output_dir) @master_only def __del__(self) -> None: """Clean up.""" if not self.keep_results: shutil.rmtree(self.output_dir)
[docs] def process(self, data_batch: dict, data_samples: Sequence[dict]) -> None: """Process one batch of data and data_samples. The processed results should be stored in ``self.results``, which will be used to computed the metrics when all batches have been processed. Args: data_batch (dict): A batch of data from the dataloader. data_samples (Sequence[dict]): A batch of outputs from the model. """ mkdir_or_exist(self.output_dir) for data_sample in data_samples: pred_label = data_sample['pred_sem_seg']['data'][0].cpu().numpy() # when evaluating with official cityscapesscripts, # labelIds should be used pred_label = self._convert_to_label_id(pred_label) basename = osp.splitext(osp.basename(data_sample['img_path']))[0] png_filename = osp.abspath( osp.join(self.output_dir, f'{basename}.png')) output = Image.fromarray(pred_label.astype(np.uint8)).convert('P') if self.format_only: # format_only always for test dataset without ground truth gt_filename = '' else: # when evaluating with official cityscapesscripts, # **_gtFine_labelIds.png is used gt_filename = data_sample['seg_map_path'].replace( 'labelTrainIds.png', 'labelIds.png') self.results.append((png_filename, gt_filename))
[docs] def compute_metrics(self, results: list) -> Dict[str, float]: """Compute the metrics from processed results. Args: results (list): Testing results of the dataset. Returns: dict[str: float]: Cityscapes evaluation results. """ logger: MMLogger = MMLogger.get_current_instance() if self.format_only:'results are saved to {osp.dirname(self.output_dir)}') return OrderedDict() msg = 'Evaluating in Cityscapes style' if logger is None: msg = '\n' + msg print_log(msg, logger=logger) eval_results = dict() print_log( f'Evaluating results under {self.output_dir} ...', logger=logger) CSEval.args.evalInstLevelScore = True CSEval.args.predictionPath = osp.abspath(self.output_dir) CSEval.args.evalPixelAccuracy = True CSEval.args.JSONOutput = False pred_list, gt_list = zip(*results) metric = dict() eval_results.update( CSEval.evaluateImgLists(pred_list, gt_list, CSEval.args)) metric['averageScoreCategories'] = eval_results[ 'averageScoreCategories'] metric['averageScoreInstCategories'] = eval_results[ 'averageScoreInstCategories'] return metric
@staticmethod def _convert_to_label_id(result): """Convert trainId to id for cityscapes.""" if isinstance(result, str): result = np.load(result) result_copy = result.copy() for trainId, label in CSLabels.trainId2label.items(): result_copy[result == trainId] = return result_copy
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