Source code for mmseg.datasets.dsdl

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Sequence, Union

from mmseg.registry import DATASETS
from .basesegdataset import BaseSegDataset

    from dsdl.dataset import DSDLDataset
except ImportError:
    DSDLDataset = None

[docs]@DATASETS.register_module() class DSDLSegDataset(BaseSegDataset): """Dataset for dsdl segmentation. Args: specific_key_path(dict): Path of specific key which can not be loaded by it's field name. pre_transform(dict): pre-transform functions before loading. used_labels(sequence): list of actual used classes in train steps, this must be subset of class domain. """ METAINFO = {} def __init__(self, specific_key_path: Dict = {}, pre_transform: Dict = {}, used_labels: Optional[Sequence] = None, **kwargs) -> None: if DSDLDataset is None: raise RuntimeError( 'Package dsdl is not installed. Please run "pip install dsdl".' ) self.used_labels = used_labels loc_config = dict(type='LocalFileReader', working_dir='') if kwargs.get('data_root'): kwargs['ann_file'] = os.path.join(kwargs['data_root'], kwargs['ann_file']) required_fields = ['Image', 'LabelMap'] self.dsdldataset = DSDLDataset( dsdl_yaml=kwargs['ann_file'], location_config=loc_config, required_fields=required_fields, specific_key_path=specific_key_path, transform=pre_transform, ) BaseSegDataset.__init__(self, **kwargs)
[docs] def load_data_list(self) -> List[Dict]: """Load data info from a dsdl yaml file named as ``self.ann_file`` Returns: List[dict]: A list of data list. """ if self.used_labels: self._metainfo['classes'] = tuple(self.used_labels) self.label_map = self.get_label_map(self.used_labels) else: self._metainfo['classes'] = tuple(['background'] + self.dsdldataset.class_names) data_list = [] for i, data in enumerate(self.dsdldataset): datainfo = dict( img_path=os.path.join(self.data_prefix['img_path'], data['Image'][0].location), seg_map_path=os.path.join(self.data_prefix['seg_map_path'], data['LabelMap'][0].location), label_map=self.label_map, reduce_zero_label=self.reduce_zero_label, seg_fields=[], ) data_list.append(datainfo) return data_list
[docs] def get_label_map(self, new_classes: Optional[Sequence] = None ) -> Union[Dict, None]: """Require label mapping. The ``label_map`` is a dictionary, its keys are the old label ids and its values are the new label ids, and is used for changing pixel labels in load_annotations. If and only if old classes in class_dom is not equal to new classes in args and nether of them is not None, `label_map` is not None. Args: new_classes (list, tuple, optional): The new classes name from metainfo. Default to None. Returns: dict, optional: The mapping from old classes to new classes. """ old_classes = ['background'] + self.dsdldataset.class_names if (new_classes is not None and old_classes is not None and list(new_classes) != list(old_classes)): label_map = {} if not set(new_classes).issubset(old_classes): raise ValueError( f'new classes {new_classes} is not a ' f'subset of classes {old_classes} in class_dom.') for i, c in enumerate(old_classes): if c not in new_classes: label_map[i] = 255 else: label_map[i] = new_classes.index(c) return label_map else: return None
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